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ISO 27001 Consultants, Training, Software & Expertise

Mission Statement: To provide best of breed advice on consultancy, products and roll out methodologies for all ISO 17799 issues to meet business requirements through professional excellence.

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The ISO17799 standard can be downloaded and bought from The BSI ISO 17799 Shop or as part of the ISO17799 Introductory Toolkit


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"For ISO 17799 Consultants, Software, Training & Expertise"

ISO 17799 is of growing importance throughout all sectors of trade, industry and government. However, achieving compliance, and ultimately certification, can be a daunting task. This portal is intended to ease this process, providing a route to all the tools and expertise you will need. Specifically, the portal contains:

  • A register of ISO 17799 professional consultants and BS7799 certified auditors who can assist in implementation and planning issues;
  • A register of consultancy organizations that offer ISO 17799 advice;
  • A list of tools to assist in ISO 17799 implementation, including in many cases downloadable versions for evaluation;
  • A register of enterpises that offer ISO 17799 training;
  • News and views on ISO 17799 from around the world;

Hopefully, the portal will serve as an authority on on the topic, enabling all users to find the resources and personnel they need to meet the challenge of ISO 17799.

ISO 17799 Products
A number of tools and products are available to assist on the path to ISO 17799 compliance or certification.

The ISO 17799 Toolkit
This comprises both parts of the standard itself, and a number of requisite basics, such as compliant policies. It is probably the most popular starting point for those embarking on the ISO 17799 course.

Compliance Software
Software to help you measure, manage and plan your compliance with ISO 17799.

Risk Assessment Software
Risk assessment is mandated by ISO 17799 and is fundamental to the whole excercise. Supporting software and methodology is available from this section.

Audit Software
Software to help you audit your position with respect to ISO 17799..

Supporting Software
You may well have to implement further security controls in order to comply with ISO 17799. Supporting tools, for carious platforms, can be found in this section.

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ISO 27001 Expertise
Consultants and recognised experts for ISO 17799 and associated issues can be found in the following territories:

Available worldwide, or any territory not listed below.

Located within or covering the United States of America.

Expertise and consultancy local to the United Kingdom.

Malaysian based ISO 17799 consultants and specialists.

South Africa
Consultants and specialists in South Africa.

European mainland consultants.

Covering Brazil and South America.

See the Box on the Left for Full List of Territories

ISO 17799 Training

The complexity of ISO 17799 and its requirements can be simplified through appropriate training. Further details are available within this section, including links to appropriate training organizations..

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Further Information

Addressing the requirements of ISO 17799 is a complex matter. The above sites, however, should help you to achieve this. If, however, you need further assistance or guidance, please contact us

If you are a consultant, product vendor or training organization and would like an entry in this directory, please refer to our registration web page for details.


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