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Mission Statement: To provide best of breed advice on consultancy, products and roll out methodologies for all ISO 17799 issues to meet business requirements through professional excellence.

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The ISO17799 standard can be downloaded and bought from The BSI Electronic Shop or as part of the ISO17799 Introductory Toolkit

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"Where to find Security Risk Analysis Software"

This comprises both parts of the standard itself, and a number of requisite basics, such as compliant policies. It is probably the most popular starting point for those embarking on the ISO 17799 course.
More Information: Here

COBRA is an extremely comprehensive knowledge based PC system, and is already used by countless organizations across the world. It performs compliance analysis against ISO 17799, supports security risk analysis, and also acts as an audit tool against the standard. It is designed to help organizations overcome the difficulties in all these fields, and manage succesfully their ISO 17799 compliance and certification project.
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ISO17799 Compliant Security Policies  
These are an extremely comprehensive set of ISO 17799 compliant information security policies. In addition to their compliance, they cross reference the actual 17799 standard throughout. Also provided is an optional interactive delivery mechanism, designed for deployment via the desktop to 'bring the policies to life'.
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Safestone Technologies  
Enterprise wide security solutions are becoming more essential as organizations seek cross platform control. Safestone's suite covers most... as/400, unix, linux, os/390, nt and more. Safestone also offer the acclaimed DetectIT software, with special emphasis upon as/400.
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Portcullis Computer Security Ltd
Portcullis offer an exceptionally wide range of security control solutions. Their 'one stop shop' contains the details of a whole host of products, including anti virus, cryptography, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and more.
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The e-Security Toolkit
The e-Security Toolkit comprises a series of questionnaires and checklists to audit and review a network infrastructure. It covers LAN/networks, firewalls, routers, data access, contingency, system access, and so on.
Web site: The Security Audit and Internal Audit Shop        Email: audit(at)e-security-e-commerce-security(dot)com

DMT  Dependency Modelling Tool
Dependency modelling is an established technique for exploring weak points in any organisation or structure. The technique allows the user to model alternative strategies for the use of countermeasures to areas of vulnerability. The technique enables tangible and intangible assets to be compared in the same model providing a unique methodology for assessing impact analysis in areas where there is little or no empirical evidence on which to base the assessment.

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